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gaz coilovers

fitted me new setup at the weekend wat an easy job. any one out there with gaz coilovers need sum fine tuning advice

im considering getting some, but ive heard the ride quality is real rough, is that what was sorted with ures ?

dont understand what you mean mate but i can tell you with front and rears set in the medium position it is a little bumpy but handles like a go cart and sticks to the road like sh*t to a blanket

sorry mate, havent been on site for ages, i have GAZ. Are you running 175lb springs(off the R5) or 200lb springs? i had the 200lbs but the ride was sh*t the new springs are wicked though, what settings you on?


im prolly gonna be getting these in the next month or so, what are my options, with springs and stuff like that, would like to know how to get the best out of them etc ...

iam running 200lb springs mate the standard ones with the kit. may purchase sum 175 are they the 5 turbo ones