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GDI Piper cat back a little to loud :/

  Flame red 172
Hey guys,

I've had my 172 about a week now and I really need to silence the exhaust a little.

It currently has a GDI Piper cat back system fitted (it used to be FlameR's 172) which sounds and looks awesome, however with my girlfriend leaving for work at 4 in the morning, i'm sure our neighbours in the surrounding flats are not appreciating the wake up call!

The only picture of the system I can find is on maxpower :/ .. doesnt seem to be listed on the piper exhausts site anymore...

Anyhow, the backbox looks and sits lovely some i'm wondering whether a more restrictive/baffled centre section can help. As the picture shows the centre section is pretty skinny so maybe I can get something replaced here which will help.

Would appreicate any advice you all can offer.


  Titanium 182
That looks pretty horrible if that's the tailpipe you're rocking tbh mate. Bit like something off a subaru.

Can't you get a different backbox welded on by a local powerflow station or something ?
i'd have had a Piper on mine if they did a stealth - really good exhausts

that centre silencer looks tiny though
  Mk4 .:R32
the exhaust is a cat back one, so it's the original cat (i.e. not de-catted) unless Lou did something while she had it?

Like I said adam, there'll be plenty of people on here that know more about my old car than me :p
  53 Renault clio 1.2 16V
As someone mentioned powerflow mate, get a custom silenced centre section made seems the only option as you want the backbox still. :)
  Golf GTD Mk7
Can you not have the centre section modified to incorperate a silencer? if it's loud with the cat on this is all you can do really if you want to keep the rest of it.
  Flame red 172
Thanks guys, I've heard good reviews about prospeed in Cardiff so I maybe I need to make a trip over there..
didn't know that. too late for me now, but have you a link, out of interest? :)
(stealth backbox, i meant - i know their systems are called stealth)
ah, OK. think i looked at that one (didn't realise it was fabbed by Piper tho); the three pre-fabbed stealth systems available at the time were all a fair bit more expensive than something like the Piper you can buy 'off-the-shelf' with the exposed tailpipes