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Gear Box squeaking 1.2

  1.2 16v clio sport
About a week ago my gearbox was squeaking loudly when changing in to any gear, even if the engine is not on and I changed gear there is a squeaking noise coming from the gear box. I just topped up my gearbox oil to see if that would resolve the problem but it hasn’t, any suggestions as to what the problem is?
  1.2 16v clio sport
I think if no body known’s how to help by tomorrow I am going to Renault because this is worrying me, hmm I will go prepared to be ripped off.:dapprove:
  1.2 16v clio sport
Any top tips? The fault is there some days and not others, I went to the garage and the problem had gone, on the way home it started again, Any suggestions?


ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
What kind of grease should you use to get rid of the squeaking? And does it have to be done from under the car - you can't remove the gearstick gaitor from in the car and get to it that way - I only have the scissor jack at the moment you see and I don't fancy crawling under the car relying on that!