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gear explosion

hi to all

yesterday i drove with my car

and at 140 kmh suddenly im heard sound of broken

(im remember that i push the cluch)

the gear is blow up !!!! all the oil gear leak on the floor

the cable clutch broke

in the sec that happend the rpm saw 8000rpm

and the engine is off the speed saw 60 kmh its stuck

im not see nothing off error (like stop or service)

the engine cant start

i have gears pic

its a sad day :( im lose my baby
  Leon Cupra

From what i can make of that post it sounds the same as what happened to my car. Renault replaced the engine and box, but they did try to take me for a c**t and try to get out of it. Renault Wolverhampton did a top job taking only 1 week to fix it when they had the go ahead it was Renault UK who were f**king about for 4 weeks trying to get out of it. Still dont know what actualy happened to it they wouldnt tell me.

Hear is the parts list for a bit of bed time reading.


hi there :-(

so.... the garage check the problem and the cluch broken flywheel broken

and now they remove the gear box :cry: . to check what happend ?

push me luck .