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Gear Stick problems (182)

  Black R27, 205gti

I've just bought a FF 182 with suspension cup pack. However when i accelerate fast (Traction Control kicks in) the gear stick vibrates immensely. This is right?

Also how poor are the brakes on the 182? Even the brakes on my 205 gti where better :D
  Bora TDI - (ex172)

not sure about the 182, not driven one, but my 172 brakes are 100 times better than my old 205 gti.

As for the gearstick, not sure, mines solid - stick around. someone will give you an answer soon enough
  1.6 Astra ... R.I.P. 182
the brakes are very good on the 182. :S ...not sure bout the gearstick as i dnt know how much u mean. mine vibrates but
  Black R27, 205gti
Thanks for the welcome,

Hmm, the gearstick problem is hard to explain really, i only noticed it once or twice when it was wet. The brakes always underbrake, maybe i will get them upgraded to something a little better.

Another thing, does anyone know why somestime my car will bleep twice when i've just switched the alarm on? Sometimes it does it, sometimes it wont?
A vibrating gear selector will be down to a faulty engine mount / bent driveshaft / selector bushes in the bottom of the rod knackered etc - take it back and get it sorted if its still under warranty. If it only works when the traction control kicks in it may just be a characteristic of the car - to be honest ive never come accross that problem before.
  182, SRT8, RS4, GT-R
The 182 brakes are pretty decent for standard IMHO,maybe take it to Renault or a decent local garage and have them look over it including engine mounts etc.