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Gear stick!!


Dont think its a major problem but ive noticed my gear stick moves quite a bit when i put my down and when i come off the gas. It doesnt pop out of gear or anything, but, my car is under warranty so if something needs replacing then i should get it done. Is this normal for clios(16v), these are the bits covered by my warranty;

Internal gears,synchromesh hubs,selectors,shafts,bearings and bushes and transfer gears.

Is there anything in this list (could it be the bearings) that would tighten it up a bit?...........

Simple, you need the lower engine/gearbox mount (dogbone mount)replacing, I had this problem on my valver, replaced the mount and its sorted, peace of p*ss to change as well.

Cheers, Simon

I just checked to see if i could rock the engine and that seemed ok got a slight movement when i revved it but that seems normal ill get it up in the air tomorrow and inspect it, nice one.....