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Gearbox day 1

  FRST and 106 GTi

btw, what is wrong with your engine???
dont like the color of your car, so you take the engine with you?
  Williams 2, STi N12

Perfect opportunity now to do all those little things that you know will need doing at some time in the near future. i.e. Clutch, timing belt, heat wrap etc..

You can even wax-oil your bay and subframe for that extra piece of mind!

Good luck..hope it goes OK. Fifth gear is a b**ch to get off!! Need a welding set, bearing/gear puller and a fook off hammer!!

Hardy Engineering in Leatherhead are superb for gearboxes. Re-built mine for £250

Weight !.

Nice one dood.. well done..

and yes, it IS a good time to do the other bits and pieces..

cambelt etc..


I like a guy who gets his hands dirty big style !

Well, removed box this morning and dropped it up to darlaston, so i will leave it with them. They are pretty busy this week so might not be able to get onto it intill monday

My main worry was to change the clutch release bearing, as i knew it is knackered, so im definatley using this as an excuse to get that replaced. i have a wee list of stuff i want to do this week to.

Probably get my wheels done this week as car is grounded.