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  1. M

    JC5 assessment....

    Evening everyone, New to the world of Clio's after being bullied in to buying one buy a friend. Wish he'd have bullied me sooner. Currently looking to sort myself out a few spares and with so much talk of gearboxes, I think it might be best I get one on the shelf for back up at a later date...
  2. C

    Clio 200 cup hard to shift close to redline

    So I got this car used at about 100k kms a few months ago and shifting kind of sucks especially close to redline. It gets notchy and I have to apply a noticeable amount of force to get it in gear. It's doing it in all gears, also doing it when downshifting, and rev matching makes no difference...
  3. S

    Help me find a gearbox

    Hi, I need help sourcing a Clio 182 gearbox JC5 130 can’t find one anywhere. Many thanks
  4. S

    Rear engine mount

    Looking to replace the rear engine mount/ dog leg bottom mount. 2 questions 1. How do you modify the original one to be more supporting and not get wobbly beyond silicone in the gaps. 2. The one for the automatic gearbox looks way more stable, will it fit manual cars?
  5. S

    Clio mk4 EDC 200 RS

    Hey, I just had a couple of questions if anyone here has any idea… So i have a 2013 clio RS EDC, with 100k km, it works as it should with no major faults i do have a question about the gearbox. So i had a fault that said motor for reverse overheated when i tried putting it in reverse. Before...
  6. S

    Gearbox leak where does it come from

    Hello I‘m new here on this forum and i‘m new in the clio game so i noticed that my clio is leaking bright oil, and black oil. Then i saw the bright oil is gearbox oil and the dark oil is engine oil (pictures). Now my question is for the gearbox is is this a damaged seal or is it silicon sealant...
  7. M

    Gearbox replacement

    Hi mates I have a 172 for the track, but after any track day my clutch gets super sensitive and noisy and after a while it starts leaking valvoline from the gearbox, I've changed the clutch more than 3 times and I've checked everything I could to be. I'm thinking of changing to another Gearbox...
  8. B

    Longer 5th for a 172 box

    Hello. I'm looking for some info as to what 5th gear i should use, for highway cruising. Not for top speed since its a daily and just a fun road car. More about reducing the highway revs for some mpg improvement, i usually just use the 1-4 gears anyways. I don't know the code of my gearbox...
  9. I

    Clio IV 2 gear dropping out

    So within a week my Clio IV 1.5 DCI manual, is starting to drop out of 2 gear, right now its constant, and if i hold the stick in 2 it stays there, but occasionally jolts. Otherwise it will pop right into neutral or very close to do so, grinding teeth, sometimes it drops right into neutral. It...
  10. JDC

    172 cup gearbox oil leak

    Hi, After some investigation into my oil leak troubles I have discovered that my gear selector seal and end cap seal need replacing. Does anyone know anywhere in Hampshire/ Dorset area that can do the seals or possibly a full gearbox refurb? Thanks
  11. dillowUK

    172 baulk rings

    Hopefully someone can help, as I’m at a dead end! I’m looking for 1st gear 3piece baulk rings out of a JC5 129 (172 cup) I’m hoping someone can point me into somewhere to buy them, I’ve tried Renault but for some reason a different part turns up! (7701473108) A few other places say “can’t get...
  12. N

    Gearbox options for 182

    Hello! I’ve got a Clio 182 and the gearbox is on its way out but I can’t for the life of me find a JC5 130. Anyone know what other options I have? Located in the North East of Scotland Thanks in advance!
  13. C

    Dog Bone Mount - Good or Bad?

    Hello I’ve been looking into getting an updated dog bone mount, mainly from Evol Engineering to be exact. However... I’ve heard bad things too, especially if every other mount is original/OEM. So what experience have people had with poly/up rated dog bone mounts?
  14. C

    Car won’t go into gear after new engine

    1.2 8v mk2, just put a new engine in, car now won’t go into gear. It will go into gear when the car is off but when running it just doesn’t want to go. are there different thicknesses of flywheels for the D7F 726 as we just used the one that came with the new engine assuming it would be the same
  15. Ferds

    SN64LCX - £100 anyone who can put me in touch with previous keeper 🙏🤝

    Hello all, I need your help, and I’m sure we have all been in my situation; or know someone who has so hopefully if you read on you can help me out. SN64LCX is a car I bought from a dealer. From day 1 it has had gearbox issues. Trying to back the car and it’s proving difficult for a multitude...
  16. F

    Need GEARBOX info

    Okay so I’be been looking for a gearbox for a while now but I a bit confused as which will fit mine, I know it’s been discussed before but there is something I don’t understand and I can’t find any answers, so I have a 182 2004 so I need a JC5 130 although first question, Could I fit in a jc5...
  17. W

    No drive in clio 182

    Was driving my clio 182 yesterday and decided to do a little pull. held in first then planted the throttle, before i got a chance to even think about second gear i heard a bang. i think it was caused by it being wet and TC kicked in. car goes into all gears but has no drive at all. when being...
  18. P

    Clio Sport speedometer

    Hi guys, I have just bought Clio sport ( year 2OOO - ph1) and the speedo does not work - typical problem. However i tried to find the sensor on the gearbox and i am afraid it is not there( or i could not find it), since the gearbox is probably from a newer model - which used the ABS sensor. Is...
  19. SamClioRS

    200T gearbox map/update?

    Anybody with a 200T been able to get the Trophy gearbox update or know of a good aftermarket gearbox map?
  20. D

    Strange noise around 4000 RPM

    Hi! So i have a problem with my Twingo rs. There there seems to be a loose bearing sound whenever I go past 4000 revs then let off the accelerator or changing gears. It still shifts fine, no slipping clutch, no drop in rpm. Managed to find a video of someone who had the same issue but he...
  21. cliokid95

    Broken driveshaft?

    Bit of a weird one this, any answers appreciated. Yesterday took the n/s driveshaft out (diff side) to repair one of the threads that the boot bolts into. When I was putting the shaft back and bolting the suspension back up the shaft pulled itself out of its boot as I'd been an idiot and put...
  22. B

    Clio rs edc - LSD options?

    Hi all, I recently bought an RS 220 and although it has good traction, after some rather 'spirited' driving I've come to the realisation it really needs a proper torque biasing LSD in it: however I've been trawling the web and cannot find any aftermarket suppliers of diffs for the EDC gearbox...
  23. cliokid95

    Clio 172 loss of drive

    Hi one and all, First time posting to this forum so apologies if the thread ends up in the wrong place. We bought our Clio 172 cup a couple of months ago and yesterday we took it for it's first track day. All was going well but then we broke something... Basically it feels like a diff/gearbox...
  24. MaxB

    1.2 16v no drive in any gears

    Drove my Clio to work earlier and parked it up outside. Got back in it after finishing work and noticed a strange clonking noise coming from the engine bay. Checked it out but couldn't see anything so decided to drive home carefully. I put it in gear and went to move forwards to find that I...
  25. J

    Does the Clio mk3 tce share the same gearbox with the Twingo GT?

    I’m putting my clio tce through its paces pretty soon. Pushing for power with new turbo, injectors etc. I know I’m going to be needing a new, uprated clutch to deal with the new ‘neck breaking’ power. I have only been able to find a clutch for the Twingo GT and knowing they have the same engines...
  26. bozothenutter

    Big job list

    Hi, i've slowly collected a bunch of parts for the car and time has come to put it all on! Being a hobby mechanic i'm getting help from a real one to save me from myself......? the job is as follows: - put rollcentre correction kit on (I must be the last to do so) - change gearbox and clutch -...
  27. I

    Help!! dreaded trans gremlins.

    Bit of background for you all: 2009 200 FF Gearbox rebuild @ KTEC Sept 2017 New clutch, release bearing at same time. Major service at KTEC October 2017 (72k) Current mileage 88k. Since bought, there’s always been an intermittent grinding from under bonnet. Goes away when clutch is in so...
  28. Emma1985

    Gear selector rod help

    Hey can anyone advise what I’d potentially need to change here... I’ve had an engine replacement and since I can hear the gear selector rod knocking when driving on uneven road. I’ve had a look and it’s very slack. It’s not effecting the gears in any way. Any help be appreciated thanks
  29. Crayola

    75w90 Gearbox oil in JC5-130

    Hi all, Wondered if anyone has every used 75w90 in their 172's? Mine will be for fast road/track as a weekend toy and wondered if anyone has ever swapped out the usual expensive GL4 75w80 for something with a larger operating temp. Seen this on eBay and its half the price of Elf stuff...
  30. Rystar

    Think I've just killed gearbox number three... Surely it can't be my luck...

    Hi All, So I think I've just killed gearbox number three. Fifth, Third and Second are whining like hell and will pop out. This rebuilt box (local firm) has lasted about 15k? The last box (KTEC refurb unit) lasted about 15k miles also, that one would whine in all gears and eventually would pop...