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gearbox oil level

  mk2 172

anyone know how to check it? got a sneaky suspicion its low, also, if you got a sh*t fitting exhaust will it clunk about if you lift off at high revs and put your foot down and so on...?

cheers guys


sh*t fitting exhaust will do what you describe craggy mine does it now and again and yes it really annoying

the gearbox oil level. there is a screw somewhere on the box where you un screw and you can check the oil from should be level with the hole so it just dont seep out. make sure you park it up level vefore checking the level ok.

aint you got a haynes manual.
well worth 15 pounds


if you check my post on page 3, you will see a winged nut on the front of the box, Its this one.

As previously stated fill it until it starts to seep out.

G/box oil has a little tube on bottle sometimes, to help you position it into hole.
  mk2 172

thanks again, just been to my friendly local garage and had the exhaust mountings modded, now knocking is gone for now, well relieved cos i thought it was gearbox, but it was knocking in one place near the linkage, also near back box, still too close to heat shield though. unscrewed gearbox wingnut and oil pissed out when it was level on ramps so i think i got plenty in there.