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Gearboxs to fit Clio 16v

  172 Ph2, Mk1 MX5 1.8

Hi all,

Its time for a new gearbox, for my little 16v,

The box i have is a JB3 xxx and its on a 1993 16v.

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me which boxes would fit my car and what the Codes are?

Would the Willy box go straight on? i hear theyre a bit stronger?


  BMW 320d Sport

Williams box is a straight swap, no mods required. It is slightly tougher but also has a slightly longer final drive - good for 150mph+ in a 16v if you have enough power I reckon.
  172 Ph2, Mk1 MX5 1.8

Thanx was thinking that way.

What are the codes id need to look out for to get the correct box?

Ive been told the original Williams Box = JC5 014 and the replacment item i.e recon box from RUK would be a JC5 S09..are they the same thing? and would either of these do?

Also have been offered a JC5 002 from a Megane 2.0 16v, would this be ok..i want to keep close ratios ideally for Max acceleration:)

Thanx Again

  mk2 172

wy williams has a shagged jc5 014 on it, just bought a S09 and its brand new. nick bought one and it was new too. is that the F7R or ide megane? may be different, if its F7R(engine) its ok, dunno about the ide megane though, either way i doubt it will have closer gears than a williams box!
  BMW 320d Sport

The Williams boxes are brand new off the line in France. Dont even think of getting a recon job, go to Renault and pay £550 + VAT. But if you want a short box, you need to look at the less powerful Clios, something out of a 1.2 or 1.4 will give you the sprinting capability you need. Even if it tops out at 105mph!

R19 16v boxes are cheap and plentyfull and fit straight on, rations are more spaced out evenly to a longer 5th, the willy is closer than a clio 16v but with a longer 5th like the 19, personaly i reckon a R19 is the one to go for, £100 you cant go wrong, but makes sure its OK
  172 Ph2, Mk1 MX5 1.8

Thanx, ill look into it,

Id love a new williams box from Renault but i just dont think i have £550+ at the mo:(

Maybe ill hold out for a good 2nd Hand box, or the Megane box.

Thanx again