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Gettin the wheels in line!

I suffer from really bad tyre wear on my front tyres you can see when looking at the car that they are not straight, but when I took it to be laser lined they could not get the liners under my arches!! The wear is on the inside of both tyres, I have 16s and it is dropped about 60mm how can I bring them back in line?

I had to pay 40 quid as I needed to go somewhere with a flat ramp. I.e Extreme in Harlow. Its about 20mins from where we met for donny south. And yes it is me from Donny. Green RT.


Id seriously check elite in Dagenham, they have just recently introduced some crazy digital laser tracking device imported from Japan, cost um an arm and leg so they was telling me...

Anyway i had an issue where people where saying my car was too low at the front, couldnt get the laser on etc etc...

took it too elite.. bingo!!! 20mins later, gave me an A4 digital print out of my tracking before hand and after, been spot on ever since...

ill try and post the number later on tonight.

I got my car 4 wheel laser lined for £20 at a place called "Bush tyres", and they give me a print out of what adjustments was done.

Its the only place in Hull that could do it, because the cars been lowered 60mm at the front, and 70mm at the rear, with 17" wheels.