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Getting an exhaust fitted in Fife

  Mondeo diesel barge
Wondered if you fine people of CS could help me in recommending somewhere that will fit an exhaust and sports cat for me. I'd love to do it myself but don't really have the knowledge or equipment, but I'm very tempted to get the bits and pieces and learn for myself, although could end up pete tong :rasp:
  Mercury 200 w/cup+Recaros
My mate has a few garages, Glenrothes and Ladybank are closest. They could fit it if you have all the parts(gaskets etc if required).

I wouldn't take my cars anywhere else and you wont get ripped off.

He is also a Clio RS200 owner:cool:
  Mondeo diesel barge
Thanks guys, I'll look into them, should hopefully have the exhaust next week, so got plenty of time to find somewhere.
  V6 Exige, GTR R35
id take it to falkland mate,

a few on here recommend them and ive had lots of work done on several cars over the past few years.
  Mondeo diesel barge
I'll probably phone them tomorrow. I'm not in any hurry, don't have the exhaust yet, should be sometime next week hopefully.

I'm never down at the prom, never been my type of scene. I like a quick blast down the country roads, plenty of them around here.
  Mondeo diesel barge
I've seen a couple of 182's around kirkcaldy, maybe the odd 172 but not alot, they obviously all come out at night :race:
  Charged Superleggera
try cruise motorsport in kirkcaldy as well! cheap!

you ever at the prom ro55o?

dont go to cruise. they are a bunch of cowboys that dont know what they are doing. i would recomend RJM and son. they are a powerflow dealer and are very very good from experience. havent tried falkland performance but ive also heard good things about them.