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GIRLFRIENDS!!! Aggghhhhhh

My GF told me the other day that she hates new Clios!! And that mine was only slightly different to the standard mum Shopping trolley!!!!


Comments like why dont you get a nice car like and MX5 and not some girl car do not help!!

Though to be fair she does really like the Willy.

Not Happy!

I think its time i traded in for MKII gf....

You think thats bad.... I did it myself ...TWICE in the same night on the SAME pole

When i was getting out of the car the wind took it and one person was in the car DOH, when i got back into the car the wind took it again and it was just me getting in...

That left me with 2 chips at different heights on the door

DAMN DOORS! everything else on the MKII is heavy so why cant the doos be!

I would make the GF walk but doing so would restrict my AAA pass in the evening some what
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