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goin for a test drive in a cup 2moro

ilkeston coop in nottingham, done me a very good deal.

2moro nite ill will be posting what it went like, hope its been bedded in.

delboy - what deal did you get if you dont mind me asking? ive ordered mine from inchcape renault in southampton through autobytel for £11970 otr. i know itll make me sick but how much is yours?


pugboy -aka fun in a c-cup

well, ive gone through renault selections,

i pay a deposit of £ 2000
and 36 monthly payments £236
and then a final payment of £4000

which for over three years i dont think is bad at all, thats a proper british renault that costs £12995.
so there only wanting just over 1k to have the car over 3 years.

dont think thats bad at all.

what do lot think
  Clio v6

Are there any limitations ie;

No Mods?

Limited Mileage?

Sounds a good package though and what a lovely colour too.


sounds ok, its basically a seven grand loan over three years paying 1500 quid interest over the term..not sure what percentage that works out at....

mines a uk model too, there are no imports available as it is being launched here first as i understand it. i just happened to stumble across an advert on the autoexpress site and followed it up...

does anyone know if they are numbered like the williams was?

  CTR EK9 turbo

pugboy, when do you get your cup? or have you already got it!? if you have, you should change your profile mate!

..simon, no i havent, so im still a pugboy at the moment. im changing my name to fun in a c-cup as suggested by girlracer unless i think of something better in the meantime.

take delivery in early sept. all being well.


well itest drove and i love it, the weather didnt help that much though.

apparently they are numbered, there only making 400, and there built to order, if i want one know from renault i will get it in october november coz theyve to contact renault.

apparently they put all your personal details on the chassis plate.(a bit strange)
im having one though.
yeah baby yeah


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

How does it compare to a normal mk2 172 then???

My mates Dad owns our local Renault dealer and my mate is now the sales manager, which is handy!

Theyre getting a Cup in next week, so Ill be taking that for a blast in the next few days.

Eventually it is getting the turbo conversion as hes got one of the kits off Captain Slarty, so it will be a fookin quick Cup when its done!
  Clio 197

I got the price for the Clio Renault Sport Jean Ragnotti as they call it here and it is €18,200.41. I think it is the smae car as the Cup. I anyone understands French they might check it out.

it just seems more harsh, no traction control etc, i think its the colour thats got me goin.the extra power isnt greatly noticeable but you can tell without the creature comforts of traction and with it bein lower etc it just seems faster.

I dont think u can really judge the performance difference on a car thats done so few miles!

Theres a demo cup coming into Sighthill in Edinburgh, if anyone(GR, BenH) want to go run it in for me!


  Shiny red R32

I saw a Cup this afternoon in Edinburgh and it looks gorgeous, a lovely shade of blue and the wheels look great too, much better than the wide five spoke. It was going away from me otherwise I would have followed it.


  Shiny red R32

Personally I think the difference in the 172 and the Cup will be similar to the differences between the Pug GTi6 and the Rallye.

I am going into Edinburgh in the morning so I might make some enquiries!
  Clio 197


Serie limitée Clio Renault Sport 2.0 16V Jean Ragnotti.

Seems to be the same thing as the Cup.

I have a photocopy of the specs but they are in French and Flemish! Not a lot of good to me unfortunately...