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Goodyear Eagle F1s

Looking to replace my Michelin Pilot SXs with something tasty, and I decided to go for Toyo Proxes from as they were incredibly cheap (about £30 each). But then they stopped selling them... Pants! Sooo.... Ive been looking at getting some Eagle F1s which Ive heard are better than the Toyos but more expensive. do them for £54 each which seems reasonable (is it?) but they are the GSD2 derivative. I know that there is also a GSD3 version which I assume is newer, but I dont know anything else about it... Any recommendations?


Ive got the Eagle F1 GSD2s, and they fantastic, really good wear rate, and stick like glue (Much better than the ContiSports IMHO)

The GSD3 had just come out when I was looking to change, but they werent made in the size I needed (195/45/16) but the gsd2s are great... not a word to say against them

i believe the GSD part means they are the latest EMT run flat design, might be wrong, they will be the newer pattern though, they look more like the Toyo/Potenza then the old F1, very good though, £54 isnt a give away price by any means.

Thanks guys, if anyone knows anywhere else cheap to buy tyres from then please let me know!:)

BTW, Ive e-mailed the place to ask why they dont list Toyo Proxes or Goodyear Eagle F1s in 195/50/R15 anymore...

beware if thats amn all in price,

i can do cheap tyres, either fitted in Bristol or mail order

Good year NCT 5 or venturas form £42 inc VAT and delivery?

e mail if your intrested

Smart car charged me £70 a tire on Friday for DS3s so am well gutted if they advertise them for £40. They put 195/50/R15 on instead of 185/55/R15 because they didnt fit. They stacked the 185s up against the ones that came off and they were loads narrower which I thought was a bit odd.

Initial thoughts are that they are good in the dry and very good in the wet, obviously no idea about wear.

Hmmm... It would appear that I am an arse!... :( On there is a button at the bottom of the tyre list that says "Search Further" which I didnt see last night. They definitely do sell Eagle F1s in 195/50/R15 and they are £41.10 each. Sorry I was such a spanner guys!!!