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Got any tips for toughing up stone chips

hello all,

Gonna be touching up a couple of tiny stone chips soon and wondered if anyone has any top tips for me.

Gonna use cocktail sticks as recommened by GirlRacer.

also, as i have waxed over the stone chips, do i need to "cleanse the stone chip areas first before i paint them, or can i put the paint straight in top of the wax... Did i make myself clear


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if you buy some turtle wax colour magic you get a free......not meanin to sound like Jade off BB.........Chip stick

ive not actually got round to usin mine yet but i have a fair few stone chips on my bonnet so ill let you know

Remove all traces of silicon polish, paint chips slighty proud of indentation and mop the whole area, If you want a pukka job.

Thanks for the replies, people.

What do i use/do to get rid of the polish? also, excuse my ignorance, but what exactly to you mean by "mop"



Mop = If you can imagine an orbital sander, with a round polishing wheel, usually lambs wool, Thats spins round(not to fast, or it will scorch your paintwork)That you add cutting compound to that will cut your newly painted stonechips and surrounding paintwork. This will give a pro finish if done correctly. Your stone chips will have disappered.

I hope that makes sense, Not to good at translations.


thanks for the explanation.

Hopw do you recommend the i get rid of the polish from the stone chips?



I think you can use methalated spirit, but would want someone else on the board to confirm it, Before i recommend you pour it all over your bonnet. (It being paint disolver and all)

So if there are any panel beaters/Re-finishers out there that could comment, would be helpful.

Been a while since ive done any painting, The last was my cavalier SRI130, in Helious Blue/Anthracite metalic, both needing laquer, The blue was a b**ch of a colour to spray (light blue with silver flek)

Wont be rushing to do it again.


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I would have thought a touch of neat shampoo or a small amount of washing up liquid on a cotton wool bud would get rid of the polish on the chipped area. Maybe a tiny amount of turps would also work, but make sure that you wash over it afterwards and dry the area thoroughly before using your touch-up paint.