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Got my 17’s on today

  320d M Sport

Feck me that looks good! :D

Is everything else standard ie Suspension? How does it drive in comparison/rubbing/wheelspin. How much are we looking at for the wheels and tyres? Phew!

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Nice one!!!

Couldnt be more after a set too.

How much did you pay if you dont mind me asking....where from? what tyres?

Dont suppose you have any more pics!!?
  Lionel Richie

Needs to be lower (sorry but i like my low cars!!!!)

geordiepaul, those tyres look like Yoko A539s (i maybe wrong)
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

How do you find the acceleration?? do you notice any other differences??

Nice wheels by the way.

The price was a one off deal as he had them in stock plus i do know the owner and he had some free advertising when my Megane Coupe was in Fastcar. I think they should be £900+ normally.

It looks good dont get me wrong but why did you get 17s of the same model as the standard cup alloys? You just paid £700 for a 4inches of metal!!

Was it because you dont want to declare them on insurance?;)

I like the look of the Cup as it come from the factory, but the only 2 things that i thought would look better would be to lower it and fit bigger wheels.

I needed 2 new front tyres @£70 each and got £350 for my old wheels so these have only cost me £210.

Yes the car does look standard and that is what i wanted. Its only when i parked it up at the dealers today next to a standard Cup you see how much better it actually looks plus the wheels are still light weight as Renault intended.

I was thinking of putting those wheels on my 172, this was way before the Cup came out with the speedlines on. Cant do it now (except that I cant afford it) as everyone will think I copied the cut. Oh well, search continues...

Looks real nice btw. I checked out some of the earlier picks and 17s do look sooo much better than the 16s you had before.

Acceleration is quicker a itsnot spinning all over the place like normal.

Give it a bit this morning. It still spins but no where near as much as it did.

Done the speed bump test as well on the way to work and i did not hear any body to tire noises coming from the rear :D

I will try to get some better pics done.

Its quicker in the wet as it spins higher in the rev range and hardly spins in second where before you had to be in third to get any traction ( maybe i have lead feet:devilish:) .

I just find it better to drive now as it does not seem to be spinning the front wheels all the time.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Quote: Originally posted by Scott R on 20 January 2003

Ive got Yoko A539s on my 17" BK 121s. Wicked tyre, especially in the dry.

Ive got 16" A539s and Im not convinced with them, specially in the wet. Pirelli P5000 seemed to have more grip

I know but i think its just that spankingly good colour. I use autoglym shampoo on mine, whats everyone else use?

Dan- Theres a small meet at R-tec on the first of Feb (10am) if ur up for it as we were discussing last week. Let me know

Rob, im up for that, its the day before my insurance runs out! lol!

Put it up in the meetings bit, otherwise ill forget! doh! LOL!

I use zymbol car shampoo. Smells nice and is supposed to buff the car up if it is waxed when you leather it of. Good stuff but not cheap (got it from halfords i think)

For wax i use Turtle Wax extreme wax then go over that with Auto Glym Showroom Shine but i have only waxed the car once since i had it in november.

It is actually slightly dirty in that pic.

I only wax my car once every couple of months. Though mines not quite as nice as

I was going to splash out on a load of gear but ive checked by account, £27.95 left for the month :(

dirty!?!?!?! wanna do mine too!!?? ill pay good!! lol! wash, lather, wax and glym! feck! i wash with wash and waxy turtle wax stuff, and buff off! once a month!

Thats because the tyres had done all of 5 metres (from one end of the drive to the other;))

I still wish i had my 18" Boss XTRs off my Megane Coupe as i could clean the backs without taking them off.

Must clean must clean:confused::oops::p