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Got my 172 !!!


  Audi TT Stronic

Hey folks,

Just got my clio 172 sport, JESUS how fast is this thing !!!

I had to drive it from London to Edinburgh, when pulling out from a service station I floored it out and before I was half way down the slip road I was undertaking people on the motorway !

It is scarily fast ! I have been biding my time in a Micra 1.0 until I could afford it.. what an amazing car !

What the hell happens when you hit 5000rpm.. all hell brakes loose ?
  Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup

Sounds like youll find out soon enough..! London to Edinburgh, must be run in by now SURELY? :devilish:


  Audi TT Stronic

it is run it.. it was 10 months old when i got it.. i took it over 5000rpm ! thats what I mean.. all hell breaks loose.. crapped me pants..


  Audi TT Stronic

(and to send off my cliosport membership fee ;) )

Good Advice Batesyboy, I learned that rather quickly ..

Only probs with inducation and zorst is insurance. I am paying 780 Fully Comp just now, how much do you reckon my insurance would go up if I "upgrade".

Left London at about 16:00 got back to my house for 2.00am, work at 9.00am :sick: we stopped off quite a bit, and the outside temp was 0 degrees, so didnt want to push the car cause of ice.. had to pass 2 bloody grittors, I swear I will sue them if I have stone chips on me bonnet..

Inform your insurance? (forgot to do this bit)

I am paying £860 for mine. Most people forget to tell them.

Most companies dont like you messing around with the car so I would expect it to go up quite a bit.

If you are going to inform them about any mods you do, Check with them first. Most will tell you how much more they want off you.



  Audi TT Stronic

as much as I would like to "forget to tell my insurance company"

If I did have to claim in an accident I dont want to risk:

1) Being charged for driving without insurance Including
b) 7+ points on my license
2) Having to pay to repair my own car
3) Having to pay to repair the car I hit
4) Trying to get insurance again afterwards.


  Audi TT Stronic

Thx Big Bash,

Yep got home fine thx, noticed a couple things missing from the car but no biggie. The centre cap key for removing centre caps off the wheels, and the cassette for the 6 disc changer.

Phoned Renault and they will be able to supply both for pennies . :D

Car is brilliant, really enjoyable drive on the way home, stopped at a service station and bought meself an album to listen to on the way back... late at night, loud music, empty roads ... you get the picture.;)

Hope the draft went throught okay, if the idiots at my bank managed to do it correctly :(

I will be sending the warrenty docs off in the next day or so. thx again.

No worries, sorry about the centre cap key and the cassette, to be honest I never checked myself as I only had the car for about 500 miles.

My bank said the draft looked real and has cleared, but they also said your bank were completely out of order not confirming the details I asked for, perhaps you need a change!


  Audi TT Stronic

Thanks telford_mike but it deffo was not there..

No worries Big Bash, its pennies anyway. Glad to hear the draft cleared okay ;)

Bank of Scotland seems to employ a bunch of muppets.


  Audi TT Stronic

The handling is excellent, I am just learning to trust the car, cause as I said I was going about in a 1.0 micra !

Doesnt seem to matter what I do the car just grips.. and this has all been in the wet.

Flooring it in first tends to loose traction after about 3000 rpm. Round the twisties it is great though.

The seats in it are brill and really grab you when you go round said corners. I deffinatly dont think there is anything wrong with the handling department, only thing I noticed was slight tramlining on light braking/light acceleration.

I love the car !
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Just mind you dont bottle out on a fast corner and lift off - youll be pointing the wrong way before you know it. Lift-off oversteers great when you learn to control it a bit though!