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Got my Clio back after it was stolen, Lifes good !

  Sinclair C5
Got my Clio (mk2 172) back yesterday after some scum stole it from my house after firstly entering my house to steal the keys :(

Anyway got it back and I must say I couldn't stop smiling from the moment I saw it, its never been so clean and poished, I had 3 annoying little car park dings in it and they have all been taken out, the interior smells like new, the whole car is in concours condition (apart from the stolen / recovered record it now has).

It was like getting a new car after the few weeks i've been without it, smiling all the way home!

I was thinking of selling but not a chance now, might go for a drive at lunch time !
  1996 Valver
Congrat's............glad you are happy.
Not so sure if I would like it back, knowing that someone has been 'driving it like they stole it!' (excuse the pun:clown: )

But as I say if you are happy, thats all that matters:D
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
wtf thats terrible it now has a record of stolen and recoverd !! can you not get it removed ?
I only thought a car got classed as a stolen recovered if the car owner had been paid out by the insurance company and THEN the car is recovered??
  320d M Sport
I'm pretty sure as soon as the Insurers are notified of the theft it goes on MIAFTR Register, so people will be able to find out yes.
  Sinclair C5
Leeshez said:
Glad to hear you got it back, but i would not want it back.

I agree but unfortunately in these situations you don't get much of a choice. I'd expect it to knock a good £1k off the price.

Being paid out by the insurance company is irrelevant to it being recorded as S&R because my other car that was stolen on the same night had no involvement from the insurance company and that will also took an approximate £1k hit due to be being recorded :-(


ClioSport Club Member
Was sorry to hear about your dissappearing, especially as you're local. Was out last night, and was told that there have been a few (hot hatches in particular) recently in the local area nicked in the same way...
Good to hear it's at least back where it belongs, and in good nick!
Look out for a black 182 with c/s sticker around - and give me a wave!
Similar thing happened, have a safe installed in the house now to keep car keys! It's a very common way of stealing cars these days.

Glad you got it back, Clios aren't worth much anyway so keep it for a bit and i doubt it would make much difference in it's value.