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Got my DVD in!!! :-)

  133/225/CLS AMG

Will do, that was just with my mobile. Will wait for the missus to bring her proper camera down.

The good thing with where I have positioned the screen is that I can show it when I wan or remove it and tuck it in the glove box any other time.

Best bit was the fact that all together it only cost £150!!!!! :D

Quote: Originally posted by JoelDee on 18 May 2005

Thats another persons thread ruined!

Well done Clart and Dutch 172
Why is his thread ruined, did I pour brake fluid over its paint work, hit it with a big stick, crash it out. Ermmm NO, its still here I believe.

Sorry, Your DVds looking cool, wish I could have one. How much are they, do Renault do them as an option, cause I might get one when I order my new one?
  133/225/CLS AMG

Back to the original point!!

Screen is good quality, picture quality that is lol. Came with two sets of headphones, screen, DVD player and all required wiring from Motorworld. Absolute bargain.

Quote: Originally posted by JoelDee on 18 May 2005

He probably doesnt know as he got his from Motorworld?
No but he has the same type of car as me, which I imagine he purchased new, which would make him more likely to know, than even the oracle that is you!
  133/225/CLS AMG

I did buy the car new but not from Renault!!

As far as I know Renault offered a GPS screen but not a DVD player in the Clios. Shame really but I bet they would charge a fair bit for it if they did.