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Got my viper fitted


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT
Not that crappy IK!!!! The alarm. V impressed! Can't recommend them highly enough! It has a wee remote and vibrates and makes a noise if the cars been tampered with. And boy does it make a noise.

So anyone else with an import 172 get it bought!
  Clio 1.2 16v
The viper is a type of clifford I believe.

Well mines got "a brand of Clifford" written on the box :p

Viper480XV or something. The dogs *******!
  Renault Clio Dynamique
justinRT said:
remote starts are awesome, my mate has one on his corsa

You can get remote start systems on viper alarms aswell ;) I'm getting the Viper 791XV alarm system which comes with remote start :approve:
about time hey ali maybe you can try and keep the thieves out . but where there's will there is a way .
  Renault Clio
i think i orginally posted something like 'better than a clifford?' and then ofcourse like you say it actually is a clifford i completely forgot, i have a concept 650 on my clio and is very good too. fitted and installed by Gap security