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Grinding Noise Clio Cup 172 2002


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio Cup 172 2002
Hello again guys,
I have an issue with my Clio Cup 172 2002.
I was going round a small roundabout last night going to work when there was a loud crunching/grinding noise coming from the front of the car.
At first I thought I had ran over something but nope.
Now then,
1/ The car pulls from stationary for about a 1ft then the grinding noise starts, quite severe.
2/ I have tried pulling away in all the gears and as above, it moves about a foot then as the weight of the car starts to bite, the grinding noise starts, no motion just grinds and revs.
3/ The clutch is working fine, I can select all gears.
4/ There is inertia through the gearbox, when stationary and pushing the gear lever towards a gear you can feel it wanting to move.
5/ I cant get it into my drive as that is on a very slight slope, hope that helps with the remedy.
Does this sound like a drive shaft issue or a gearbox issue?