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Guess what......1.2 16v Problems!!!

  H22A7 Accord Type R

Well, just washed the car...nice n clean, making me smile.....goes for a drive, stops off in an industrial estate to have a look at the thing, listening to my tick tick sh*tty tappets, looks under the car, and ONCE AGAIN, Oil dripping off of the sump plug........just like THE LAST TIME! Now, the car has been to renault to have a NEW sump gasket fitted before, and all was well, and now, its bolloxed AGAIN!! Phoned Renault and had a moan at the telephonist, purely due to my frustration, so i have to call Renault Service on Monday and go through all this unconvenience of booking it in and gettin to leeds again! They can have it for a week and fix all the things i ain happy with!!!!!! Typical!!!!!! GGRRRR :mad: