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Half-Life 2 - Revisited [s**t thread]

Truly one of the best shooters ever made. If not the best.

I've played and finished it a hundred times on a hundred different machines, and more recently I'm rinsing it on my MBP. Even now it looks good, and the gunplay and general storyline are still great.

I wish Half-Life Source (and Blueshift/Opposing Force etc.) worked in Mac OSX.
Indeed a brilliant game and series.

Recently got around to playing Half-Life 2 Episode 2 after downloading Steam for my Mac. Cracking if a little short. Has made me want to go back and re-play HL2 which I bought 3 years ago through Steam with a windows machine - best thing is that with Steam play I can just re-download for my Mac - nice!
Just a shame cinematic mod is like 102412047GB!

My favourite game ever though, the whole Hl1 and Hl2 engined series was awesome.
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Mever really liked that that much, a little boring I thought. They seemed to spend (half life 2 here) a lot of time developing an engine, which really wasnt that great, and then rushed the story line. Half life 1 was much the same although I didnt play it until well after its release.


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I don't fancy playing it through as I know it won't be as good as I remember it. Have done this with a few games now lol (although slightly older) Descent anyone? ;)

The original was the better game imo
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The original was definitely the better game, but HL2 Episode 2 VERY nearly matched it.
The original was probably better, but was slightly marred by the s**tty space level near the end.

LOL at Source not actually being that good. In it's day, nothing that looked even remotely as good, ran so well on so many machines.

Never did try the cinematic mod. Will probably try it when I'm back in the UK for a while.

Darren S

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HL2 is epic - even more so with EP2.

I actually found out yesterday that Louis Gossett Jr. did the voices for some of those red-eyed alien geezahs. A much better claim to fame than making four Iron Eagle films....

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Doom3 was the better looking game at the time, but it did require a pretty beasty machine to run. If I remember correctly.

Thing is these Games are what 8 years old? The original HL around 13 years old?

Yet gameplay wise I think they can easily compete with the more modern shooters.


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Nah HL2 over Doom 3. Wasn't a bad game though, was just more of a powercut simulator.Don't forget the A.I in the original HL. Nowts come close to it even today tbh - even the sequel

Maybe FEAR
It was also pretty much by the numbers. Find door. Can't open door. Go back to get keycard. Monster jumps out from under staircase as you approach it even though you just shined a torch under said staircase and there was nothing there. Go back to door. Open door. Kill some monsters. Find new door. Door is locked. Go back...find keycard.

I enjoyed a lot of it but HL2 pisses on it from a massive height.