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Hardwiring a snooper

  Mini Cooper S JCW

i should get my snooper 2mos, and i want to get a perminate power supply to it instead of having a lead from the cig lighter. i am going to have it mounted on the dash in the gap between the 2 windscreen vents.

is there anywhere i can tap into, to get a decent power supply?

if no1 else can, il try and get to the cig lighter and run a wire from that, but its a bit of a hassel!

Thanx in advance.


You should be able to find a supply that works when the ignition is on from the back of the fuse box... like the radio... watch out for the fuse size though... I would take the supply off of the fusebox from the supply wire to the radio (the wire thats live when ignition is on) before the fuse, then put in a 2amp inline fuse to your snooper
  Clio 172 Ph2

I just cut the ciggy plug off the lead, extended it a bit and then hardwired it onto the leads that go to the ciggy socket.

Ive got the actual unit mounted up above the rear view mirror on the passenger side. Its well out of the way there :)