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hartge mini

i want 6 dead really hmmm well maybe in gear times are the ones to look for though. Im thinking of waiting for the Megane RS.

From what ive seen of the Mazdas theyre ugly, ugly things!

The hartge deal seems good value but it would probably invalidate the warranty, and maybe that handy service deal they do. In EVO they said it was pretty lame on track so i wouldnt get one, but i guess if you like performance for the sake of it why not? Getting those optional 18inch alloys would be stupid though




Minis are crapper than crap

the engines are sh*te!!

the only possible good thing is the gearbox on the S

but thats it

Do not get one
  Renault Laguna Coupe

That thing would cost the thick-end of 20k once you got it on the road. How could anyone contemplate spending 20k on a mini?????



people do though

if i had 20k id get a cup and spend the rest on an E30 M3 evo

or buy an second hand s8 :D

The spec on the works kit has not been released yet so it is unknown territory. I imagine it should be pretty good though. It will be around the same bhp as the Hartge kit but you get a new exhaust system and suspension tweeks and also full BMW warrenty.

I might still look gay Rob, but not as gay as I would pottering about in 1.2 with 16 valve badges on the side and to Cap it off being a spotty teenager who sports burberry caps. Now go and run to Daddy to give you a spin in his Vanquish.



what a tw*t you are! go and buy a proper bm Looser-s boy

the mini aint big enough compensation for your "ego" ;)

The hartge kit is cheaper than the works, plus has more gains.

Hmm..i could carry this on but i wont steep down do your level (you************) but i wont. I dont think my cars too bad considering im 18, i work(ed) my arse off to buy it and insure it. I dont wear baseball caps, i posted a picture of myself a couple of years back so people could take the piss, so im not going to be offended by that, and as for the spots thing ?? lol its amazing what clearasil does these days. And yeah, might just jump in the vanquish! :)

Bit of a bite there Tom?? I thought is was quite an amusing reply anyway. Must dash anyway as I have some fringes to sort out and a perm to do.;)

Mat, I have heard about the Graham Goode conversion but not enough info to make a descision on it or not. 207 bhp is the output I hear?? I have only seen one test of it up against the Hartge and the Hartge came out on top. At 6750 revs the Hartge Cooper S kicks out 80 bhp more over the standard S!!! The standard Cooper S max power has fizzled out by this point though but still 80 bhp!!

Any chance of getting me some info from your mate at GG?? Price and work that is carried out?

Much appreciated,



  Shiny red R32

Quote: Originally posted by CooperS-Boy on 18 February 2003

I might still look gay Rob, but not as gay as I would pottering about in 1.2 with 16 valve badges on the side and to Cap it off being a spotty teenager who sports burberry caps. Now go and run to Daddy to give you a spin in his Vanquish.
:D or the M3. or TT or the Bentley or one of the spare cars on the drive!!




mate why dont you try selling your pile of sh*t and get a proper car like a real mini or an elise or sommat


  Shiny red R32

If Cooper-S Boy is happy with his Mini, why should he want anything else??

At least it isnt broken - like yours Tom!!


Tom - I assure you Cooper-S Boys Cooper S is a far better sports car than your 1.2 will ever be. In fact, what is this pointless bashing of his car all about? The Cooper S might not be to your tastes, but "sh*t" it is not.




No i really think its crap. its insulting to call the car a mini

its nothing more than a cut down 3 series with a sh*t engine.

Rhys why you gotta go using that line? did i say my 1.2 was better than his bmw? no. so im not allowed an opinion?

sorry if it think its sh*t thats up to me.

Why you hating my 1.2? its not her fault shes bust.

His attitude makes it worse.

Rob - to be fair to CSB, you started on him with a rather pointless comment about homosexuals (which is kind off off topic, right?!). If youd said that to me, Id have felt obliged to insult you back myself!!!


Tom / 172Man - what, you think that the 1.2 Clio is a better sports car than a Cooper S?!?!?!?!?!

I didnt say I "hate" your car, just said that the Cooper-S is better and its a bit rich of you to say the Cooper - S is sh*t when you are driving around in a car that simply is nowhere near the car that the Cooper-S is. Surely you can see my point?!?!?! (PS; I had a 1.4 Clio, so Im not bashing small engined Clios, just making a point)

And the reason why i called it a car for homosexuals was that its a yuppy car, the latest fad for people climbing the social ladder, ive never seen an enthusiast driving a mini. Also the fact that women point and say "ooh isnt that cute!"

Cooper S boy couldnt had to have a pop back, as hes done to me before.

I dont remember Tom pointing out his car was the ultimate tool rhys.