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Has anyone got the procedure for installing and sealing the flywheel end crank main bearing and crank seal?


ClioSport Club Member
I have a 172 with a leak from behind the flywheel. Upon disassembly to replace the crank seal, I discovered the sealant in the main bearing was sliding out, so I intend to do the crank seal, main bearing sealant and sump gasket whilst I'm in there.

I've found plenty of pics and info on the cranks seal (dont push it in too far) and also on the sump gasket, but nothing on the cap, except mentions of pumping sealant into it.

Does anyone have the Renault procedure for installing it?

  172 Ph1
I recently did mine .

make sure you don’t tap in the rear main oil seal flush , it needs to stick out approx 5mm.


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ClioSport Club Member
Fantastic, thank you very much @barnesautos that's exactly what I was after. Can you tell me what sealant you went with?

yeah I've seen on various threads the seal needs to sit proud and taken plenty of pictures of the old one too