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has anyone had a 1.4rt convert to a turbo

has anyone in this place had a 1.4rt clio upgraded to a turbo and if so have you got any useful info and any pics to see thanks very much:)
  ff 182

Alrite mate torsion tuning have done 1 its the 5turbo lump they have put in.

I also think some1 else on this forum has had it done as well.

Cheers Pete

not sure if anyone on cliosport has had it done but thats were I get all body work done so I have seen all there conversions from start to finish the work is spotless. Price vise your looking at 2k plus a donour car. I be getting mine done there somethime next year. I have also been in they clio turbo the in PGTI mag a while ago. 120 was easyily hit.:D

if you want any more info or contact details go to

Your fine there number there and my email if you want any more info.