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Has anyone seen/tried/know about the t-cut permanent bumper

Saw this in halfords today!

Wondered what the score is. is it any good? Looks like what I might need to get rid off the wax residue off of my trim.

looks like you apply it with a sponge and then it "sets" and that it. permanent.





Its basically if you get a mark or scratch on the plastic trim. It comes in two colours black and anthracite. Cant image its much use for a 172 as its all colour coded. For the models with the standard bumpers it covers marks. I used as some how managed get a bit of white paint on the plastic and it smudged into the grove. Had previously used back to black, but his worked better. Covered it completley. Also really good for restoring plastic that has an aged look. Quite expensive but the sort of thing you use very little of and have forever.

adtmits – how easy is it to use.

I need to use it on the black plastic "triangles" where the door mirrors fix into the doors.

Whqt does the finish look like? Does it look obvious? Does it take a while to dry, ie do you get a chance to rub it of if some gets on your paintwork etc?

You seem to be the only person around who has any experience of it so I hope you can offer a bit more advice to me.



I bought some and its ok, but apply it in very thin coats and then repeat cos otherwise it doesnt dry underneath and flakes off instead. Also, mask any bodywork roundabout cos its nigh on impossible to avoid getting it on the paint round about fiddly places and I can assure you its not something you want to do as this stuff sure is permanent on top of your paintwork! Its not too noticeable, but as Im a fussy b*****d Im going to end up having to either T-Cut a lot of my paintwork to remove this crap or, failing that, get my car resprayed! so for petes sake be careful!!!