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Headunit - What one!

  Engles Mummy

Hey all, i am looking for a new head unit but i have no idea what one to get.

I want to spend max £250, i been looking in these max power mags and found a few that look pretty good.

Pioneer DEH-M7600MP - £330, now £184

This one also i like the look off -

What exactly do i need to look for? I have just fitted some 6x9 inf 300w speakers, a friend of my said that i will need 350w output on a headunit so it will be able to play them properly or something like that. I am so lost!

Would be great if someone could help me,

Thanks Adam

Im selling my nakamichi cd400 for £200 if ur interested?

top of the range unit with very good SQ.... doesnt look flash but then again it doesnt need to! lol.
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I got a clarion 748. quality unit, think i paid about 210 ish for it, should be around 300 mark. has some nice silver touches to it aswell which matches perfectly with interior + you can adjust the colour so it perfectly matches your interior lights (approx 800 colours in all). mp3/wma all that and tons more
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Depends if you want something flashy with LED lights and graphics or something that oooozes sound quality.

If latter get something from Denon or Nakamichi.