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Heel & Toe in a 172

Friend of mine emailed this link to me.

<a target="_blank" href="

Now Ive been trying my own interpretation of heel & toe for some time now. And have failed miserably. After reading this I thought Id give their method a go. Problem is the bloody accelerator pedal is set so far back that the technique mentioned above is impossible. When I blip the throttle whilst on the brakes the highest I can get the revs is about 2K rpm. And thats with my foot at full stretch. Thats no good to anyone! I reckon the only way I can achieve this is by moving the throttle pedal nearer the brake or by breaking my foot so that it bends further!

Does anyone successfully use this technique in their 172? If so how the hell do you do it?

  CTR EK9 turbo

i only really use heel and toe when im going really fast and slowing down loads, e.g. coming to a roundabout and want to get around it fast. I cant do it when im slowing down slowly, it gets very jerky!

in the clio, modify the technique as follows.

use the right hand side of your right foot - the frontal area, to blip the gas.

you tilt the ball of the foot to the right.

hope that makes sense...

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Aha desmondo, been doing a bit of racing research? This wouldnt be connected with a certain event thats taking place on Wednesday would it?

Damm it Mike youve caught me out! Although I have been trying it for a while - thought I get some practice in for next week.

Joe thats the way Ive been trying before reading the above article - very tricky - think I need more practice.

Im hoping that the instructors next Wednesday can give me some hands on - if you know what I mean
  Renault Laguna Coupe

So if I see a Clio steaming up behind me into a bend with perfect downshifts but absolutely NO BRAKES Ill know its you! At least thats what happens to me every time I try it.