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HELP!! 172 not alarmed!!

Hello all,

Picked up my import 172 last week and loving every minute of it, however found out last night that it doesnt have an alarm!

Just phoned renault dealer in nottingham who have quoted £425 fully fitted. Want one which is standard e.g. works from key etc. Anyone have any ideas on how to get this for less or is £425 the going rate??

Who actually makes the alarms for the clios?? is it a Cobra or something like that??

Many Thanks


Ive got a Laserline alarm on my Import 172.

It does NOT work with the key - which in my opinion makes it more secure.

Thanks guys, going to call the dealer to see if they can do anything on the price i think.

Anyother suggestions on good alarm systems if i dont go for the dealer fit model. Previously has a Toad alarm on 106 XSI which i really liked. anyone had any experience with clifford or other major brands??
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ive got a META system CAT 1, works from the original plip key and cost £300 fully fitted.

Quote: Originally posted by thedoc on 17 March 2005

I have a Toad alarm on my import 172, works well and hasnt let me down yet...
Yeah get a toad AI606 on there mate, its the only alarm worht having. Dont be fooled by clifford alarms because they come with all sorts of silly extras.
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the standard 172 alarm working off the key is £300 fitted by a renault dealer, dunno why they quoted you that.