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Help! Anyone with a 1.4 clio + suspension

I just removed my front wheel and measured the distance between the bolt holes on the front suspension strut. it was 54mm!!

I know this means that some kits (like the damn Apex kit which I was about to buy) wont fit as they are only for cars with a 52mm distance.

I need a kit ASAP coz I am getting my wheels on friday. I want a 55-60mm drop.

What shocks can I get that will fit my car? Will the Spax kit fit? What about KYB? and then buy some 55 PI springs?

Cheers for any help


trymeasuring from teh centre of the bottom of the strut to the centre of the botto hub mounting bolt hole...see if that is a diff value.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

there should still be loads of kits mate, and are you certain Apex only do the 52mm one ?

Im sure Apex only do the kit for the 52mm cars, it says so on their website.

Ive ordered a Spax kit, so if it dont fit it will have to go back.

I found Avo kits which will fit, but they are a bit more than I wanted to pay. If all else fails though I will go with them