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Help - blown engine on Clio 2.0 Mk 2!!

Hi. Im in Pretoria, South Africa. Have a Feb 2002 Clio 2.0 (172) Mk 2. Use it mostly for long distance weekend leisure driving. (I bicycle/scooter to work.) At 13 000km got stuck. Renault said blown 30 AMP main fuse (injection relay). At 19 000km on long highway drive got stuck again (in 5th at 6200rpm). Renault say con-rod broke, blowing 2 holes into block, and tanking the alternator and gearbox too. They initially claimed I over-revved. I said CRAP. They said I changed from 5th to 2nd. I said CRAP. They have finally accepted to replace under Warranty but it will take a month to get the engine/gearbox from France (is this acceptable..what about Air Freight?) They also refuse to release the damage report to me and are cagey about the cause. Is all this sh*t acceptable? Nice car but CRAP service set-up (Renault SA that is).

we @ renault in HK (we bought all your stock of V6s from SA haha, and they have only given us trouble!!!)
have replaced an entire engine in a month, and give full details as to why it broke, manufacturing fault....simple.
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You would receive worse service than that if it were over here!

It would appear that youre not the only one with rods flying out of places they shouldnt. There has been atleast one other guy on this board with it recently, as well as a couple of others I have heard about. Joe suggested a manfacturing fault in the pistons, causing them to over expand and seize in the bore, thus leaving the rod with nowhere to go.

Just have to hope that they dont decide to fly thru the baulkhead...this happened to a mate of mine in his old cavalier once. Fluew thru the baulkhead, thru the dash and broke the sunroof. Close call.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Oh and in answer to your question, it is hardly acceptable that a 19,000kms engine blows is it? But as if thats not bad enough, they cant fix it for over a no, not acceptable.

These things do happen, as Im sure you know, but it really is down to the manufacturer to right the issue by acting as quickly and efficiently as it can. (BMW case in point..altho even BMW have been a bit slow on the uptake with all the problems theyve had with the new M3s it would appear)



I wasnt really intimating a fault was there in the piston assembly m8..

if anything, it will be the engine management that has bugs in it..

Just thought I would add that, and yes, its a bloody poor show by your delaer Sir.


Thanks guys. Glad to know I can get a decent explanation from someone (as opposed to Renault South Africa).
So what should I insist on from Renault tech here given that they are replacing the engine and gearbox. Should they quadruple check the engine management system and the pistons? Are the odds on this happening again almost zero? Apart from the engine, gearbox, alternator and alternator bracket (that they are replacing) there anything else that could have been slightly damaged/stressed by this "grenade"?
By the way, if they order an engine from long should it take before Renault France are ready to ship...I assume it is just a matter of getting it out of inventory...
Forgive the questions....but my innocence has been lost by this experience.

yes, I would insist they change the items that could cause this.

engine - needs replacing now ayways...


fuel pump assembly in tank..

the ecu, they may well be able to program with a later release of sotware.. the sensors on the engine, MAP, Crank sensor etc, should be changed too unless they can categorically rule them out.

the fuel pump should be changed unless they can rule it out at max rpm / flow.


as soon as you get it back and it has been run in for a few hundred miles, put it on a rolling road and get fuel pressure at max rpm checked, also ignition sequencing at max rpm..
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My gear box took 2 and a half weeks for them to fix it at renault garage in uk. Its fixed now. That was delivered from France.

Thanks Cap Joe. As soon as they tell me they have the parts and are working on it, I will insist they guarantee that the ECU, sensors, Fuel pump and related fuel pressure and ignition sequencing at max. rpms are in perfect condition. Not being too bright on the tech side, I might come back to you for advice on their response. Im a sucker for detail so if you have more please email me at:


Just back from working in Mossel Bay!!

Didnt see any decent cars like 172s down there. Though everyone drove Nissan JAZZ!!!