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Help! Clicky Clio!

  Clio 182 Cup
All in all, i'm happy with my new babe - I can even deal with the dodgy leave-me-alone-I'm-not-awake-yet performance first thing in the morning.

Only thing is recently it's started wobbling in idle (when cold, and goes away when warm, so I guess this could be normal), but more worryingly it's developed a noticable tick on the left hand side of the engine. Might be a pulley, but I've no idea which one, and it's only done 14k!

Any ideas?


  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
common matey. Happens alot on start up on colder mornings.

Can i guess that it sounds like a right bag of spanners and the gearstick rattles about a bit more than usual?

Take it too dealer to get it plugged in for a check, but dont know if that will bring any good.
  Clio 182 Cup
Bag of spanners = Check (well, comparatively at least) Gearstick rattle = Not noticably Dealer booked at earliest appointment.... 15th September! 2 weeks man! Yeesh, hope it doesn't go *pop* before then... Oh yeah, hate to say it, but I found out today the wobble is still present when the car's warm, it's reduced but still there :(
  Clio 182 Cup
That's what it's running on at the moment and it does go better. Still a bag o' spanners as opposed to a purring cat....with a few mechanical bits.