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HELP Creaking suspension

Right at slow speed on full lock i have creaking from both sides of my 172 cup. The car is also handling really bad, diving in corners at speeds of 40 and above. The car feels unstable. The car has done 57k? Is this the track rod ends/ ball joints which are knackered? if so how much am i looking at and how do they relate to the handling? also would the original dampers been worn at 57k? Thanks
  Bus w**ker
I had this on my Ph1. Fitted Compbrake solid top mounts, poly wishbone and dogbone bushes and it's stopped. If anything I'd guess at top mounts moving on the strut turret, mine were rotten as f**k.
sounds like two problems - the creaking's 'probably' the top mounts (common problem), but not sure about the diving (maybe dampers?). any evidence of leaks from the dampers? i'd go for a new set of top mounts and, whilst the struts are off, check the dampers for resistance/travel
creaking only happens on full lock? Might have to get some ktr solid top mounts. I dont know if this is related, but i just checked the levels and my power steering is completely empty, even after using a half bottle of fluid to fill it up. Theres no leaks on my drive? and the pump isnt noisy? strange. The handling is terrible.
  Iceberg Ph1
Creaking is almost certainly the top strut mounts.. as mentioned common issue. the solid mounts from KTR should solve this.. as for the diving, check the damper, my rear one was shot I was experiencing knocking while at slow speeds etc, and while going around a roundabout the rear of the car dipped and spun me around 90 degrees, ( was at 1am so it was empty roads) needless to say.. new dampers where fitted and the car handles like a beaut now!
sounds as though you might have a PAS fluid problem as well. top it up and make sure it doesn't drop at all. mine was dropping and didn't show signs of external leaks - the seals in the rack had failed and the o/s steering gaiter had filled with PAS fluid (one to check) - need a new/reconditioned rack if that's happening

crap cars;)
lol @ crap cars........true. Ive just looked on k-tec....blood y expensive top mounts. Do k-tec do the cheapest coilovers at £355 delivered? anyone else do them and the top mounts cheaper? how much are standard top mounts?
just noticed jms tuning do vmaxx fully fitted for 400. wonder how much they'd do unfitted. they say 90 for fitting.
  Dodgy one
Should i just get standard mounts, or will they break after a few miles?

Well i've still got a pair on mine that have nearly covered 50k now and dont knock other than at full lock on rough ground like they all do. They last IMO as long as your careful and dont aim for potholes lol.

They are getting transferred onto my coilovers this week when i get some bolts so we'l see how long they last them ;)