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Help finding an itb'd 172 or 182?

  Astra Vxr
Hey guys I'm in the Market for a throttle bodied Clio. Do they come up for sale often?because I can never seem to find one. If you know of one let me know or any advice where to look would be great thanks :)
  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
Tbh most of the ITB cars that end up getting sold are nearly always broken down and sold as parts, because they are worth more money like this.

I know if we were to sell ours it would be in parts.
  Astra Vxr
Ohh I see. So I'll be lucky to find one then :( I can't really justify the cost of doing everything myself, I'd be better off spending cash on my current car...
  Astra Vxr
Out of curiosity how do itb'd clios compare to other hot hatches on the track? Megane r26 ,civics,dc5's etc?
  Black Clio GT
nice to see one with a full interior/carpets, alot of them are stripped out track cars.

for 5k i think they are good value for money, the only thing that come close for that kind of money that aint tuned up to ther eyeballs are the dc2 tegs/civic 9 type r