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Help!! Getting save data off broken PS3.

As some of you may well know, my PS3 has died yet again :mad:

First time around I had the YLOD, my HD was screwed and i lost all my data. Well after 11 months of joyfull owership my new PS3 has packed up, this time its a lens issue.

I ordered a new lens from Hong Kong but it came damaged, so ive decided to bite the bullet and get a new PS3 slim. The old PS3 will be going on ebay, but i wanna get all my save data off first, dont fancy starting Fallout 3 from scratch!

So how the hell do I get my sava data off?? Its a 40G PS3 btw.

Ta muchly.


ClioSport Club Member
  340i M-Sport & 182
pull the HHD out, its simple and it tells you how to do it in the manual buddy