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***HELP*** How do you remove wishbone arm, Clio MKIII DCi 2005

  MkIII Clio Dynamique S
Hey guys,

I need to replace my wishbone arms and I'm utterly stuck as to how you remove the front horizontal bolt!!!

We have removed the rear(to your left as you look at it) vertical bolt and the balljoint at the front, but we are stuck on how the hell you remove the horizontal bolt at the front side of the (right side as you look at it) wishbone arm!! There is a gap of about a centimetre where the bolt connects to the arm to the car and then the chassis with a bolt above that connecting the two parts of the car!! (not the easiest thing to describe sorry)

We can't seem to find a way of getting a spanner or socket in there and even if we could we would be able to pull the bolt out as the front of car (chassis?) is in the way! Can anyone help on how you remove the arm please as I don't currently have a way of getting to work haha!


Hopefully you can see from the photo what I am talking about.

Any help would be awesome!!


  clio dci , ren8
You have to lower the front part of subframe /radiator support to get the bolt out :dapprove: