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Help > How to Remove Lower Gearbox Mount - 172 Cup?

  172 Cup
Any help would be very much appreciated!

I am trying to replace the lower gearbox mount on my 172 Cup.

I can obviously get the 'lower' bolt off no problem, but I can't get anything in to remove the securing 'top' bolt - if you get me.

ie. I can get the bolt off holding it to the chassis, but not the one fixing the mount to the gearbox as there is no space to get a socket or spanner in.

Any ideas?

  Clio 182
Undo the bolts holding the lower bracket to the gearbox itself, about 4-6 bolts on the front and side of the gearbox, one of the bolts is also the earth strap. Once the bracket is unbolted you will need to jack the gearbox with some wood on the jack to take the weight (don't jack on anything delicate like the linkage), then undo the top gearbox mount to allow you to jack the box up enough to pull the complete lower mount assembly out of the subframe and clear.
  Clio 182
Basically, take everything in this picture out....