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Help me buy a digital camera!

  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
Howdy, i've had a few of these threads now and bought a few cameras but not had any luck so far but this one should hopefully be pretty easy..

i have about £400 to spend wether its brand new or 2nd hand.

what i want...

3MP at the lowest
Something that will take aftermarket lenses
my main preference would obviously be crystal clear photos but i want a camera that will do well especially outdoors but mainly in all door/dark/light etc..

Can i get a digital SLR for this price? As you may already know i know f**k all about camera's but am hoping to became a decent photographer as i already do modeling but i get quite a lot of people asking for photos done by me as some i've done before have turned out pretty well on my old camera's!