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help me

hi peeps relativly new to the site, but was wonerin if anyone could help me?

i was drivin my phase1 16v clio today, and as i pulled away from a set of lites slowly there was a loud bang, it wouldnt go in 1st or 2nd. i took it to a garage thinkin it was the gear linkage, so they adjusted it. but while idling it shakes alot and increases to shake when i back off the accelerator. any ideas? i am goin out now so will check if there ios any replys tomorz. =0)



i changed the bolt to beefier one cost 25p

the mount on mine is f**ked gonna change it soon for a uprated one if powerflex do em PS: lowering it sorted the crazy ass jolting problem

its smooth as anyhing now

well thanx peeps. it is a big weight off my mind coz about 6 months ago the gear box decided it didnt like me and buggered off, glad it aint the same thing, well i am going back out only came back to hear replys =0) thanx again