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  titanium 182
So go to get in my 05 182 today and as soon as i turn the ignition on the alarm starts going off!! I can turn the ignition on and start the car but the alarm continues to sound. Anybody help me on this matter as i need the car daily and cant drive it with the alarm blasting out!!!
  E36 328i
I had this. Done a lot of searching and it appears the alarm is pap. I think mine became water damaged as the siren is under the scuttle on the passenger side. Another problem is the bonnet sensor. For a quick fix I disconnected the sensor and, if you shove your head right under the glovebox, you will see a black fuse. I pulled this and it stopped. I left it a week or so and plugged it all back in - been fine since.
  titanium 182
Lol cheers mate but it turned out that my battery was fucked so i bought another one today and its fine now, must have been the alarm picking up on a low voltage reading and triggering