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HELP NEEDED - Coilover lock rings seized

  Clio 200 Silverstone
Hi, as the title says, came to actually raise my car a little yesterday but the rings have completely locked in place. Been trying for hours on end but can't seem to get them moving. Tried all the usual fluids and even aero engine grade breakdown fluid and just won't move. Causing quite a bit of damage to the ring due to them being made from crap material.

Any advice?

I used WD40 over a couple of days, just dousing it twice a day and leaving it. Spraying them on the day and hoping they move is where people go wrong. I wire brushed around either side of the adjusters on the threads so once they broke free they would move enough to get more WD in between.

But as Dan says, if that doesn't work then just cut them off and start again.



ClioSport Club Member
If they are the rear adjusters take them off and leave them in a bath of coca cola over night! Don't know if it actually works but I read it when I was trying to get mine un-seized!
  Clio 200 Silverstone
Nick, I had been spraying them with the aero breakdown fluid since thursday half expecting this problem but doesn't appear to have done much. Had to put them back on as was for now to try find some new rings, haven't a clue where to find them
Jezza, funnily enough I tried the coke trick over night last night but still no luck this morning, prompting me to post up asking for help! I will never again drink a glass of coke though having seen how it cleaned up my strut haha

Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

ClioSport Club Member
Get some super slacks aero release spray and plaster it.
Ive had stuck solid bolts out with that stuff!

Could try heat/freeze shocking but not really advisable with the fluid In them