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help needed for first time buyer

Hi All
I'm new to the forum, but would like some help on a potential car purchase. After years of wanting one, i have decided to take the plunge a get a 182.
after lots of research, i think i want a standard 182 with both cup packages. i want a genuine non molested car. i'm sure this question has been asked hundreds of times so sorry....!
I am looking at a 05plate
both cup packages
new timing belt and dephaser
new spark plugs
new scorpion exhaust
fresh brake fluid
and the obvious 15 years worth of slight body marks, but looks pretty good
the seller is wanting £3500.... is the on the money

thanks for your reply's in advance
Can you answer these questions, it'll help provide better answers.

Colour ?
Mileage ?
Owners ?
How much service history etc is with the car ?


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How many miles has the one you are referring to done? That seems like quite a lot of money so I would assume low mileage?
Yes that nugget of info would have been helpful....
Colour black
Mileage 74K
Owners 5

Apparently full service history......
Sounds ok. Any pics of it ? Is it private sale or a dealer ? Did you try to haggle on the price ?
As it's meant to have full history, see what's there (should be lots of stuff) You need proof of the cambelt & dephaser etc being done too.


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Sounds ok to me too. Assuming it is in as good condition as is made out.

If the seller an enhusiast? Or forum member? We might be able to vouch for them if they are and we know the name etc.

My friend is selling a lovely Racing Blue 182 for a couple of grand, just ticked over 100k miles though from memory, but well looked after.
Thanks for both of your replies, helpful.
Never sure on forum etiquette , but it’s for sale on piston heads, 3.5 k , second page from memory , Lincolnshire/ Stamford


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Ask him to put the plate on retention now, saves the faffing.

Looks ok apart from the alarm issue?. Which specialist did the belts
Ask him to put the plate on retention now, saves the faffing.

Looks ok apart from the alarm issue?. Which specialist did the belts
“Looks ok”........ on price or condition..? He might drop the price a bit if I ask nicely!
A company called Simms did the belt,
Thanks for the reply


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  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Condition and price seem ok. Good ones are hard to come by.

Check for rust on the rear quarters and petrol flap.

Not heard of that specialist tbh


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Check the gearbox for crunches and notchy action in and out of 3rd/4th Engines seem to be fairly tough as long as belts are changed. Also, given the age of these cars, a fair amount of rubbery stuff such as hoses, bushes and engine mounts may be towards the end of their life. But parts are cheap and easy to come by.
Did you go to see it ? Have you bought it ?
Yes I did see it, and no I didn’t.... should have .... deliberating on another One which is on for sale through the forms... djspt . Exactly what I am after just the same it’s the other end of the country to me.