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Help needed!

  Fabia VRS
I have ALOT of stone chips and scratches in my poor baby. need summin to get rid of them, do i need touch up paint of some sort or is there something else i can use just to cover them up and make it look tidy?

Cheers. Kingy.
  Bumder With A Buffer
Touch up paint for the stone chips dude.

Then without seeing your car possibly a going over with a machine polisher to get rid of the scratches. Depends how bad they are though fella.

You could use some SRP that will help fill swirl marks and small scratches but won't offer any proper kind of correction.
  Fabia VRS
they are deep scratches tbh, would i need a certain type of polish to get rid of the marks (i have a peal black car) so would i need a black polish or just something regular.?

and can u buy touch up paint from tinternet or anywere specific?
Halfrauds sell touch up pens, as do renault and

As for polish it sounds like it needs a professional detail and then properly looking after.