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HELP!! No A/C and need to sell soon!!

The air con in my 98> Clio 1.6 RXE has given up. Im pretty sure it needs regassing and can get hold of the gas and device needed, but does anyone know how to re-gas aircon?
Im pretty sure you just attach the canister to some nipple somewhere but i have no idea where that is. I also dont' want to pay an arm and a leg to get a garage to do it.
Thanks in advance.
I can get a bottle of the gas from this local car parts place, and it comes with the device to recharge the a/c ( its a holder for the bottle with a nozzle thing and i think a pressure guage, basically similar looking to a small fire extinguisher). I just dont know where to plug the nozzely thing into.
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It will tell you on the can.
It's only £40 to regas at Kwikfit, and free if it doesn't work.
The bodger kit you get in Halfords costs over £20, which is a waste if you have a leak.

R134a gas.
Excellent, thanks skinner. I might pay a visit to Kwik Fit tomorrow then, as the gas and other thing would have cost me £30 anyway.
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I just remembered not all Kwikfits do it so phone first!

Halfords also do it for £40ish, not sure about the no charge if it doesn't work though. Lots of independents are doing it for similar money now as well.