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Help! SOS! Hazard flashers ahve a mind of their own!

  Clio 197

The bird just got back with Willy and the hazards have a mind of their own. She says they started flashing when she braked. Now they want to flash when the car is shut off as well. The clicking noise is all the way to the letft in a LHD car as opposed to near the switch like when the hazards are normally turned on. Seperate from the indicator switch as well. Im very confused especially as I have to bring the car in for Controle Technique which is our version of the MOT tomorrow.
If I mess around with the alarm, they stop but as soon as I turn on the ignition there they go again. All I want to do is disconnect the thing that is causing this. Any ideas out there??

Thanks in advance...

had a similar sort of prob the indiactors completly went for a couple of days. You most likly need ure hazard switch repalced. renault wanted £25 for one however the scrappy wanted £2. I wounder where I when
  Clio 197

Thanks guys, the problem isnt at the hazard switch. I think it is factory alarm related. You know how the thing blinks when you lock or unlock the dor. This blijks for a while and then stops. Then it starts all over again.
PITA. Running out to get some torx drivers right now to tear into it!

The relay that I hear clicking is seperate from the hazard switch or the indicators and located in the left side of the dash.
  Clio 197

Came back from the shop with armed with a brand new set of torx drivers and would you believe that I couldnt get the car to show the symtoms. I couldnt get it to stop last night and earlier this morning! Damn, I just know that Ill be in traffic with a cop nearby and the shaggin things are going to start blinking again.

Looked in the dash though and it appears that the alarm unit itself is the source of the ticking noise when they blink. If I knew which wire to pull I would have but since it was behaving itself, all I did was seal it back up. Frustrating or what?