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Hazards flashing

Hi everyone I am new to this forum.. My partner has a 2010 renault clio.. The hazard lights are flashing when car isn't running.. I've read loads about could be the switch I've replaced this still happened. Is it worth me try the siren I've read about or is that Nothin to do with hazards.??

There was a drink split on the centre console but I've dried an cleaned behind that taken it out to dry. The foot well front and rear of the passenger side is wet is it worht using a wet vac on it taking carpet out??


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Welcome to the forum.

Sometimes cheap ebay hazard switches can stick on.

You could remove the hazard switch while you investigate the other issues.
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It’s the multi plug under the carpet on passenger side. It’ll be swimming in water. Soak up all the water. Dry the plug and spray some wd or similar on it. The water is most likely coming in from blocked drain holes in the scuttle area.

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