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HELP Windscreen washer pump playing up.


ClioSport Club Member
The other day i tried to clean my windscreen and just heard a pump noise, so i just assumed that the washer tank was empty.

So today i filled up the washer tank and then tried to clean the screen the same thing happened again with the window wipers going and no water from the jets:mad:
So i kept on trying them and about 15 mins later they are working fine:S

Just went outside to make sure that they are still working and they aren't so i'm back to square one:dapprove:

Do i need a new pump, or is something blocking the washer jets?

Cheers Fletch.
Try unblocking the washer lines first by disconecting them from the bottle, and using a foot pump to blow crap out. If that dont work, then its a new pump probably. Also try sticking a pin in the jets themselves.


ClioSport Club Member
i have the exact same problem wiht my mk1, but wne i looked in the bottle there was big chunks of black s**t floatign around


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks for the feedback guys. I will have a good in the bottle tommrow and try to clean the lines out.

On the way home they were working fine, so it's more then likely something blocked in the lines tank.
  Megane 2 GT 165
I had a simular problem last week. When I wanted to spray my window, there was barely any fluid coming out. Anyway I took a look at the engine-bay to check if anything was wrong, but saw that the pipeline going to the washer-jets, was "nodded" (bend to much so it blocked the inner diameter)

So if you still haven't got the jets spaying enough check at the joint of the hood at the passenger-side. This is where the pipeline is bended to the jets.


ClioSport Club Member
Just checked the pipeline, and it all looks ok. What i'm finding strange is sometimes they work fine, and other times not at all.

The headlamp washers are ok, it's just the front and rear screens.

Anyone else have any ideas, or it's going to have to go back to Rentech again?